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Hass and Associates Accounting: Cyanogen Ready to take on Google's Android

The mobile OS-maker Cyanogen has just raised USD 80 million in its Series C funding round with backing from Twitter, Rupert Murdoch and Qualcomm, making its goal of taking Android from Google all the more possible.

The people behind Cyanogen have consistently expressed their vision to make Android a more "open" ecosystem and OS. "We're committed to creating an open computing...


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Hass & Associates Online Reviews: Twelve Tips to Combat Insider Threats

Employees with access to sensitive data remain a critical security vulnerability - but there are practical steps for addressing the issue from within.

The Edward Snowden leaks highlighted that if the NSA can have its sensitive documents stolen by an employee, anyone can. According to the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report, 89% of global respondents felt that their...


Hass & Associates Online Reviews: 4 Black Friday bedrägerier att undvika

Du kanske har hört talas om typiska tricks återförsäljare på svart fredag – märka upp priser bara för att markera dem, till exempel — men du kanske inte vet om andra möjliga rip-offs som hotar att förstöra dina besparingar. Här är några bluffar som har potential att förvandla den bästa dagen av säsongen för shopping för erbjudanden affär till en ekonomisk ...